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We help to improve user experience, build up a customer base, and inspire brand awareness and loyalty. We empower the world’s top brands and agencies We help them to reach the right customer at the right time, with our sophisticated technology. We provide accurate, first-hand inventory data by working with reliable publishers and premium supply sources.


AdStarter agency is specializing in performance based advertising, branding and media trading. Our experience and tech orientation allows us the ability to pinpoint your target audience and ensure to maximize your ROI.

Performance (CPI/CPA)

Our performance Exchange will reach and engage the most relevant user for your business. No matter if you are looking for users for your mobile apps or leads for your business we can get the right users for you.

Exchange (DSP/SSP)

AdStarter Ad Exchange is a self developed state of the art platform which supports advertisers, publishers and networks in delivering high-quality traffic. Our self learning programmatic algorithms will maximize your campaign's ROI with high-quality.



We know just how the global mobile ecosystem works. More importantly, we know the right media channels for your specific needs. By carrying out detailed, user-based research, we can find out how to get the utmost value out of your product or brand. Whether you need high-performance, high-volume traffic, or want to target a specific group of mobile users with an ad campaign, we can deliver you results!


Our performance exchange Is driven by technology and data learning algorithms. The API is designed to efficiently monetize your app or mobile website with the best revenue streams and smooth user experience all through a simple yet powerful API. All offers in the platform are optimized automatically for the best performing sources, bringing best value both for advertiser and publisher. Our solution fully support automated API feed, smartlinks, and custom designs for App and Web developers.


AdStarter Ad Exchange is fully independent programmatic ad exchange built to drive best results in the Banners and Video world. We provide a high coverage across a wide range of ad formats and geographies which give you the advantage to reach higher eCPMs with the best fill-rates. We support extremely fast integration process with OpenRTB both for DSPs and SSPs. Our platform supports a variety of Ad formats including video, mobile web, In-app and interstitial.


AdStarter does complex media buying better than anyone else out there. Our unique tech-enabled approach to blending media buying with tailored creative results in improved ROI and ROAS for your paid digital campaigns. As a Mobile Marketing professionals, we provide tailored solutions to fit all our clients’ needs perfectly. Our team of mobile experts evaluate, plan and execute marketing campaigns to the most relevant audience. To achieve this, they draw on the latest trends, machine learning tools, premium partners, and years of experience and know-how. Our service provides all that mobile advertisers and app developers could ever need to grow their business. Our aim is to reach out to the right mobile consumers, and ensure your ad campaign results in plenty of engagement and purchases. We’re all about delivering high-quality advertising to the right audience, to achieve the best results.

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